About This Shit

This shit was run by Jake Weisman and Dave Ross. They just fucking love cats. And women, bro.

The podcast is dead, but their love for having sex n' shit lives on, dawg!

This show existed briefly in 2010 and 2011. It happened because Dave and Jake started stand-up comedy in 2009 and quickly bonded over their mutual love for cats and mutual hate for American masculinity. They wanted a place to act dumb, shit on men, and make out with cats. This show is the insane result. They made 14 episodes, including a live episode at the esteemed Bridgetown Comedy Festival. They still don't really understand how in the hell that happened.

The show's dead for now, but they might bring it back a time or two. Who knows! For now, they're still friends, and still do stand-up, and focus most of their energy on their sketch group, WOMEN.

Thank you for giving a damn about this weird thing they did, and for just being cool people that love weird shit. Fuck yeah, bro. Cats.

Episodes n' Shit!

Episode 1: The Beginning Episode 2: Paul Jay Episode 3: Joe Wengert Episode 4: Emerson Dameron Episode 5: Cornell Reid Episode 6: Allen Strickland Williams Episode 7: Susan Burke Episode 8: Zach Sherwin Episode 9: Lizzy Cooperman Episode 10: Jeff Wattenhofer Episode 11: The Bridgetown Comedy Festival Episode 12: Lauren Caltagirone Episode 13: Barbara Gray Episode 14: Eli Olsberg